The system (literally the completion of the Vedas) out of which most modern Hindu thought derives.








The earliest holy texts of Hinduism.








I. A. Richards' term for the known part of a metaphor the characteristics of which are used to illuminate the unknown part of the term. When Shakespeare compares his love ("thee") to "a summer's day" in Sonnet 18, "a summer's day" is the vehicle and "thee" is the tenor.







University of Victoria

Canadian University, located in Victoria, British Columbia. It helped (along with the University of British Columbia) to sponsor  Barfield's 1978 visit during which he delivered the lectures that would become History, Guilt, and Habit in 1978.








Exhibiting the character of the Victorian Age, the period during which Queen Victoria reigned in England (1837-1901)








Any interpretation of biological phenomena which assumes an operative agency in life not reducible to physics and chemistry.