Clifford Monks
Towards 2.7 | Towards 3.2

Towards 3.1
Fall 1987

Self-Consciousness, the departure point;
Community, the destination,
And on the way the going to,
And through,

Requiem for the "Filioque"
Caryl Johnston, 4
50 Years in Waldorf Education: An Interview with Henry Barnes 8
Beckett's Poetry of the Mote
Gottfried Büttner, 20
Anthroposophy and the Future
Owen Barfield, 32
Thinking and Higher Consciousness: An Interview with Georg Kühlewind
The Word, Cognition, and Consciousness-- Report on a Seminar with Georg Kühlewind
Doulgas Sloan, 41
Bios--Beyond the Fringe
Kenneth Melia, 6
Phronisterion--Imagination on the Clapham Omnibus
G. B. Tennyson, 24
Cinema and Consciousness--Detached Retinas: "Camera Man" and the Private-Eye Movie
David Lavery, 26
Towards an Overthrowing of the "Despotism of the Eye"
Douglas Gerwin, 44
From the Past a Leader for Today
Dennis Klocek, 46
A Resolute Man: Review of Rifkin' Declaration of a Heretic
Norman Macbeth, 48