William of Occam

Simply put, we should understand the dream to be "the 'coming into being' of waking consciousness, as the metamorphosis of sleeping into waking" (RM 25).

For Anthroposophy, dreaming confirms that interior is anterior. That the modern mind is willing to accept a Freudian explanation of dreaming that hard meets the test of Occam's Razor, while refusing to acknowledge the possibility that mind is not the product of an individual brain, provokes his reductio ad absurdum scorn.

It is the first principle of Western science that, of two hypotheses, either of which furnishes an adequate explanation, the simpler should always be preferred. That no doubt is why, in order to explain a dream, we reject the complex notion that the physical organism emerged from a condition anterior to the physical and adopt the simpler and more elegant hypothesis that the psyche desires (but without knowing that it desires) to return to a physical womb, regarding that (but without knowing that it regards it) as a convenient base from which to commence the further operation of becoming its own father. (RM 28)
See in particular "Dream, Myth, and Philosophical Double Vision" (RM 22-31).