A Room of One's Own
Playing on the title of a book by Virginia Woolf, Barfield uses this phrase to designate the interior, separate mental world--"the null point between original and final participation" (SA 178)--which we now as Camera Men accept as a given but which is, in reality the end-result of the process of interiorization working throughout history and the evolution of consciousness.
On the occasion of the Fall . . . Lucifer induced man to begin hiding and hoarding his inner life, and to take pride in it--as a 'room of one's own"--making it into something separate and detached alike from its own outward manifestation (nature) and the inner world of Spirit-Beings. In the inner-life1: instead of the old "being filled with Spirit-Beings"--Egotism. In the outer life: instead of the old experiencing of nature as one's own manifestation--a complete falling-apart of Man and Nature. Man is now started on the long road which ends in his present normal relation to nature, wherein nature is not merely his own outward manifestation, nor that of the higher Spiritual Beings who shine through him; wherein nature is not a manifestation at all, but an object--a finished work. (RCA 213-14)
Taking up residence in a room of one's own, we fall victim to a grave epistemological mistake: "It is a mistake that we nearly all make all the time, and we all make nearly all the time--to imagine that inward and immaterial component of the totality we call 'the world' as being a sort of something located and confined inside our heads" (HGH 66).
See in particular "The Fall in Man and Nature" (RCA 205-222).
1The New Testament records an awareness of our occupation of a room of one's own, as Barfield notes in Saving the Appearances:
    This subjective emptiness-which was perhaps also the 'wilderness' or 'lonely place' in which the Baptist is described as calling for 'repentence'-seems to be the psychic condition which is brought about when the elimination of participation has deprived the outer 'kingdom--the outer world of images, whether artificial or natural--of all spiritual substance, while the new kingdom within has not yet been realized.