Barfield and Tennyson

A Barfield Reader:
Selections from the 
Writings of Owen Barfield

Ed. G.  B. Tennyson

A posthumous collection of Barfield's writings (mainly prose) selected and introduced by G. B. Tennyson.

Table of Contents


Owen Barfield: A Life in Thought
The Forgetive Mind
A Barfield Glossary
A Barfield Chronology

Selections from the Writings of Owen Barfield

Language and Literature

from Poetic Diction

Language and Poetry
The Making of Meaning
Verse and Prose
from History in English Words

from The Rediscovery of Meaning
The Harp and the Camera
Poetic Diction and Legal Fiction

Selected Short Passages
The Soul of the Past
The English Language
The Poet
A Felt Change of Consciousness
Poetic Imagination
Language and Meaning
The Spirit of Poetry

Philosophy and Meaning

from Saving the Appearances
The Rainbow
Collective Representations
Figuration and Thinking
Original Participation
The Texture of Medieval Thought
Before and After the Scientific Revolution
The Development of Meaning
The Origin of Language
Symptoms of Iconoclasm
Final Participation
Saving the Appearances

from History, Guilt, and Habit
History of Ideas: Evolution of COnsciousness

from Romanticism Comes of Age
Thinking and Thought

from the Case for Anthroposophy
Concerning the Nature of Spiritual Perception

Selected Short Passages
Nature and Imagination
Natura Naturans and Natura Naturata
Dashboard Knowledge
The Universe as Motor-Car
The Darwinian Hypothesis
Evolution of Consciousness
Mere Perception
Threefold Organism

A Literature of His Own

from The Silver Trumpet
The Wedding

from Orpheus
Orpheus's Lament (Act II, scene ii)

from This Ever Diverse Pair
Tabula in Naufragio

from Worlds Apart
Discourse by Sanderson

from Unancestral Voice
Flume's Lecture

Three Poems
Owen Barfield