As we learn in the heavily Steiner-influenced Unancestral Voice, Lucifer is "that spirit-being within man which seeks to "keep mankind still dreaming if he might" (71). The governing spirit of the Orient, Lucifer "seeks to preserve the past from dissolution" (UV 61).

The aim of Lucifer, according to the basic tenets of Anthroposophy, has always been, according to Barfield,

to preserve the past too long; to maintain in the present, conditions, that rightly obtained in the past, but should now be superseded. He adores tradition. . . . he seeks to maintain the permeation of the mind by the "given," the physical, the instinctive warmth, which men bring with them from the past and must indeed use, but which should no longer permeate, or at least not involuntarily, their mental powers. (58-59)

See in particular Unancestral Voice, passim.