Richard Hocks (1936- )
Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Missouri where he held the Catherine Paine Middlebush Chair of Humanities. With Howard Fulweiler, he arranged Barfield's visiting professorship at the University of Missouri in 1969.

He is the author of four books of literary criticism, one of which, Henry James and Pragmatistic Thought, was a finalist for the National Book Award, and over fifty academic articles on Coleridge Defoe, T. S. Eliot, Thoreau, Emerson, Melville, Conrad, Henry and William James, Michael Polanyi, and, of course, Owen Barfield ("The 'Other' Postmodern Theorist: Owen Barfield's Concept of the Evolution of  Consciousness").  

He contributed to The Evolution of Consciousness: Studies in Polarity.